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43 pounds down - How I Lost Weight with Insulin Resistance

43 pound difference - same top!

I GOT MY HEALTH BACK 😭♥️ Insulin resistant and hypoglycemic. Unable to drive, focus, sleep at night and starving 24/7 no matter how much I ate. Locked down to food having to eat every 90 minutes to keep my blood sugar up was debilitating to say the least.

The final straw was gaining 10 pounds in 4 days leading up to my start date September 10, 2021. Healthy foods but constantly spiking insulin all day long which is fat storage mode.

I’m obsessed with learning more every single day on the topic of blood sugar and insulin resistance. How much I’ve learned and how much I’ve been able to teach and have people apply it and change their lives too.

So much growth this last 5 months. So thankful for this platform and my ability to spread the word on healing #insulinresistance which plagues nearly 90% of the US 🙏

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