43 pounds down with intermittent fasting and keto

This is your reminder to fight for your health! Even if you feel hopeless right now, I promise you - there’s a whole other world of information you don’t have yet!

💕Didn’t count calories

💕Didn’t drink a gallon of water

💕Didn’t go to the gym for an hour

💕Didn’t go low fat

💕Didn’t take any weird shakes or bars

💕Didn’t take ketone drinks

✅Ate high fat for brain fuel

✅Lowered carbs to lower insulin

✅Went to bed early

✅Stopped eating processed foods

✅Monitored my blood sugar

✅Took my vitamins

✅Researched every single day

If you are done with the eat less, move more movement - same. It’s time to try something different.

Free food list: myadventuretofit.com > ebooks

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