Before and after - keto results

September to January 💕

This morning I was learning about insulin resistance and the liver. I was intrigued as I found out about I had non alcoholic fatty liver disease last year. My dr said, well that’s strange, do you drink? I said maybe once a year. She said hmm. Maybe it’s your water your drinking. I told her I drink filtered water. She proceeded to be unsure and ultimately I never got an answer.

Of course I have since found out that one of the main causes of a fatty liver is insulin resistance and high blood sugars. A good indicator of a fatty liver is a protruding belly. This is when the fat starts spilling out of the fat cells and into the surrounding organs. Also known as visceral fat. If you have the RENPHO scale it shows this number, may not be exactly accurate but possibly close.

The other thing that gets majorly I effected by this is hormones.





Human growth hormone


This is why your diet matters. This is why blood sugar matters. This is why insulin matters. This is why moderation is not the secret. Insulin is.

It effects your energy, your mood, your weight, your sleep, your digestion, your outlook on life. It effects EVERYTHING.

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