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Can’t lose weight in a calorie deficit

Almost done with my second week ✨

I was listening to a Dr. yesterday talk about how if you can’t lose weight in a calorie deficit it may be time to eliminate carbs such as potatoes, rice, pastas etc. I have always been able to eat these foods and still lose weight but things are obviously different now so it’s time to change things up again. It’s all about experimenting and this is my next experiment.

Obviously the majority of people can lose weight in a calorie deficit so a lot of the times you’ll hear people say things like “you can still eat all the food you love as long as you’re in a calorie deficit you’ll lose weight, it’s so simple”. But then there’s a small percentage of people who this isn’t true for. I am one of them (of course lol).

I’m excited about this next experiment to see how my body does. As far as I can recall in the @21daymealplan group on Facebook there were a lot of women talking about how if they had PCOS or thyroid issues, they couldn’t eat the brown rice pasta, quinoa or brown rice or they would gain weight even in a deficit. It’s an insulin issue. The more that I learn, the more that I understand this though it’s still all new to me.

I will be getting my carbs from fruits, vegetables etc. Just going to be eliminating grains for a little bit to see what happens 😊

Food list: @21daymealplan

Preworkout/Greens @myadventuretofitbegins

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