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Carnivore Challenge - My Why and Daily Updates

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

I will be updating this as I go. You can come back every day or every few days for updates!

February 24, 2022 is day 1. I don't have an exact plan for how long I will be doing this yet.

Symptoms I am trying to handle and my why for doing this:

  • Digestive distress (bloating and burping, feeling drunk/dizzy after kimchi)

  • Gaining 7 pounds practically overnight from the Kimchi situation. Weight and bloating won't come down

  • Acne and rosacea still left on my face and I've been doing everything to fix it. This is my last trial and hopes to fix it.

  • Itchy scalp/Eczema on neck and ears I've had since I was 10. Gets better and worse but overall I just would like to see it gone.

Day 1 - Didn't sleep well the night before. Nightmares. I decided to start Carnivore mid day as the day before I had limited low fodmap vegetables and still had a reaction (acid reflux, bloating and burping). After doing research, the best solution I could find was doing the carnivore diet and eliminating the foods that were causing me distress. Fiber. Meat and cheese it is. I did 3 meals, eggs in the morning with cheese and ham on the side, 2 burgers and 1.4oz cheese for lunch and steak and fish for dinner until full. I felt really good and the digestively did the best I had been doing in a couple weeks. I did take my vitamins but left out nutritional yeast to keep 0 carbs. Nutritional yeast has conflicting information in regards to SIBO and breeding microbes when you already have overgrowth. Decided to play it safe.

Day 2 - Slept well. No nightmares. Woke up feeling rested and very stable energy wise. No complaints. My skin is looking a little bit clearer and my bloat is way down. I lost the constipation that came with eating vegetables over the last week which was nice. Not craving anything. Coffee with MCT oil and ice helped drastically to cut the acid that hot coffee and butter were giving me the past week or two.

Day 3 - Slept well. Woke up feeling rested with energy. Not dragging out of bed. Skin is clearer than the day before again. Still battling a bit of reflux. Had salmon, steak and cheese for lunch. Doing 3 meals a a day. MCT oil coffee, electrolytes and low caffeine preworkout without any issues. First weekend day. Slept well, lots of energy, got a lot done first thing in the morning. We went to the beach so we ate before we left and had an amazing time.

Day 4 - Woke up, had coffee, ate some eggs and took the kids for a moms day out. We stopped at Culvers for lunch and I got a double hamburger with cheese and a lime bubly to drink. Had some scallops and fish for dinner and ended up with severe reflux for the rest of the night and up 4 pounds the next morning. Something isn't sitting well with that meal. Felt fine after Culvers but the fish was a different story. I think I'll ease up on fish for a bit as that's the only thing that hasn't agreed with me so far reflux wise. Also could have been the butter it was cooked in, just experimenting right now to see what I can pinpoint.

Day 5 - Monday! Woke up with energy, not dragging out of bed. Focused, ready for the week. MCT oil iced coffee in the morning and gearing up for our March Challenge. No constipation or trouble using the bathroom any of the days so not having fiber up until this point hasn't caused me any issues. We will see! Had eggs with Cabot lactose free cheese for breakfast, London Broil for lunch and Ribeye/Hamburger with butter for dinner.

Day 6. Slept well and didn't wake up at all. Woke up with an eczema flare 😅 My acid reflux was virtually zero yesterday and last night, my skin is continuing to clear, my mood is even more positive and I'm feeling overall good and light!

Day 7! Slept good again. Eczema flare is mostly gone. Had some dreams but no nightmares! had 2 meals. Lost a little weight from the day before. Energy was really high the first half of the day. More tired than usual around 6pm. No reflux :)

Day 8!

First day of my cycle today and had no symptoms of it. No pain, cramping, irritability or anything else. Slept good. More hungry today than usual. Went for a 45 minute walk to get some fresh air and sunshine first thing in the morning. Black coffee this morning, matcha tea around noon. No reflux today! Definitely happy with my progress so far on digestion and skin! First day incorporating OMAD carnivore and it went well. I wasn't hungry at all after I ate but there's always that part of you that wants to eat out of habit/routine.

Day 9 - Slept good! Woke up energized! Going to the bathroom without an issue still. Down 2 pounds from yesterday. I'm almost back to where I was a month ago. Black coffee first thing, went for a 45 minute walk outside, had iced matcha green tea (our vanilla one that's coming out). Ate lunch around 12:30 (1 pound 73% beef with salt on the grill) and grape electrolytes (also coming out soon lol). We are in the middle of making so many new clean keto maltodextrin free/blood sugar spike free, I can't wait to have them accessible to all! I am doing OMAD carnivore, day 2 of that today. No reflux :)

Day 10 - Baby is sick so didn't get good sleep. Had preworkout instead of coffee this morning and ended up having the energy to go for a jog. :-) Had Five Guys out with the kiddos was able to order just patties to eat. Went to Starbucks and got a venti iced blonde roast with a splash of heavy cream. I stopped doing this for a while because of the additives and non organic coffee but just felt like trying again since I've been working so hard on healing with everything else. No reaction except slight burping (nothing too bad). No reflux again :)

Day 11 - FINALLY BROKE MY STALL. Hit 148 after toggling for the last 4 weeks from 149 to 157. Took the kids to the zoo, had a stevia sweetened dye free shaved ice and enjoyed my time. Also had a starbucks blonde roast again and experienced the mild burping again. There's definitely a connection to that and coffee. I don't get it at all with preworkout. No reflux today.

Day 12 - Slept pretty good considering the baby isn't feeling well again. Fell asleep pretty easily. Up a pound today but could just be from inflammation. My body is pretty sore from jogging for the first time in forever. Having preworkout again instead of coffee and it's definitely interesting how I have zero burping with that. Paying attention to that because even though I did a million times better with iced coffee, it still caused me to burp a little - just no burning. Definitely a connection. The preworkout I am doing is only 50mg of caffeine so even less than the coffee. It's our new Motivation line so it's stevia sweetened with no dyes or artificial ingredients. It's not available yet but I know some of you will wonder which one I'm taking.

*Updates to come*

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