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Continuous Glucose Monitor - Testing Blood Sugar

I started tracking my blood sugar around 6 months or so ago.

I have since learned the importance of blood sugar and how it is one of the most important things you could possibly track for HEALTH and weight loss.

Your blood sugar is a pretty good indication of your mood, energy levels and cravings.

If you can control it, you can control those things too.

I started out using the Nutrisense monitor, then moved to Agleless RX because it's cheaper. They both use the Freestlye Libre but Nutrisense uses the newer one that allows you to turn off notifications which is super helpful if you aren't diabetic. This is because when you are in deep ketosis, your blood sugar will be low normally which will cause alarms to go off on your phone.

It does not hurt to put it on. I lost almost a week of sleep dreading putting it on because I was so scared of needles but it really doesn't hurt at all!

Each one lasts for 2 weeks and then it expires and you have to replace it. They are around $90 each.

A healthy blood sugar is anywhere from 80-100 with an optimum level of 80-90 with or without eating.

Per our medical industry, they say up to 160 but 110 is where organ damage in the pancreas starts so I don't follow that ;)

Here is the link to the ageless RX monitor:

Here is the link to Nutrisense:

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