Extreme Fungal Acne (my experience)

I have been dealing with acne pretty bad for almost a couple of years now. I could never get to the bottom of it but when I got pregnant earlier this year, it just kept getting worse and worse. It got to the point where I couldn't wear makeup anymore because it would only make my acne look worse and I'd end up with 30 more pimples the next day (no joke).

I was sharing my journey openly on Instagram and one day someone messaged me and asked me if I considered the fact that it wasn't acne but something else?

It was the first time that it made me really think. Acne creams were only worsening the condition. Every recommended product was only burning my face and hurting it more. What I ended up finding out was fungal acne was a thing and commonly missed as a diagnosis. Here are some of the things I was experiencing. My face was burning very bad, skin was super tight, itching like crazy, unpoppable pimples, cysts looking spots, extremely sore, no improvement with products only worsening no matter what. Those things, are not acne. Acne can be cured with acne products but with fungal acne, acne washes/creams -worsens the it.

I ended up getting a fungal cream that day from Amazon. It was $8.99 for a pack of 5 tubes. I was buying $60 creams left and right like they were going out of style so it was an easy decision. The FIRST night I put it on I felt relief. I woke up the next morning and my face had already improved! After a week, it was a drastic difference. The below photo is 6 days later.

After the initial set of redness and bumps were gone, I stopped using the fungal cream and went on to using Tula products I had seen on Instagram and Facebook. Once every week or so, I would do the fungal cream again before one night to just make sure it wasn't going to come back.

The routine

I would do 3 steps from the Tula level 3 acne clearing kit. 1) Wash face 2) Use Toner 3) Moisturize. Once I was comfortable wearing makeup again, I would follow these steps 1) Primer first ALWAYS. 2) Use a disposable sponge for foundation 3) Clean brushes regularly. I then moved to the Tula level 2 Kit after the first month.

I have now kept the worst of it away and off of my face for months now and I'm obsessed with how smooth my skin is.

Another thing I have noticed is if I eat gluten, I typically will wake up with 2-5 new breakouts so I'm trying my best to stay away though those pregnancy cravings kick in sometimes ;)

Here is my 3 month transformation:

I hope this helps someone else out there who is struggling. It was an emotional rollercoaster for so long. I know how frustrating it is when nothing is working.

Comment if you have any questions and I will do my best to respond. Here are some of the links if needed.




Link for Fungal Cream

Link for Tula level 2 kit 20% off coupon

Link for Tula level 3 kit 20% off coupon

Link for makeup primer:

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