First Date Night Postpartum

Date night with the hubby 🥰

Our first one since baby was born ♥️ We went out and got sushi 🍱 I don’t normally eat raw fish but trying to learn to love it. I read somewhere it takes 10 times to love a new food and I can say I pretty much agree. It’s getting better each time!

I had Edamame, Miso soup, some spicy tuna roll and some of a firecracker roll which I guess is like some crab, jalapeño and some other things. Super yummy! Had a vodka soda with some stevia cherry drops.

This is what a special occasion looks like for me these days 😊

Bodysuit is from Target

Jeans are from American Eagle (mom jeans) got a size 12 which I was excited about 😁

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