First week working out consistently postpartum

We got it done this morning! Didn’t get a chance to post because #momlife 😅

Had a lower body workout and so impressed how quickly my body is improving strength wise. I was so far gone last week in my week one it felt like it would take months to build strength back. But here I am, doing it 🥺♥️ It’s getting easier already and I’m feeling the change.

My mood is so much better, I’m so much happier and working on continuing to improve my physical and mental health ♥️

I really want my mind set, what I’m eating etc better recorded for when I get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. As a diary 📔 It’s something I wish I would have done the last time around because I could have really used that this time around.

So! 2 new YouTube videos up this week on my channel. The first one going over the emotions of how I was feeling the first week working out again after so long and the second was a grocery haul from target.

If you have something you’d like to see from the beginning of this journey, let me know ♥️

Preworkout: @myadventuretofitbegins

Food guideline: @21daymealplan

Workouts: beachbodyondemand

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