Food Reintroduction After Carnivore

As many of you know, I am currently doing carnivore (meat only) as an elimination to find out what was triggering my acid reflux and digestive issues I have been battling life long. I have flares that come and go but it's been pretty consistent for at least the last 8 years.

It took just about 5 days carnivore for the reflux to mostly disappear. The research I was doing right before beginning carnivore was FODMAPS, see my blog on that here. I was trying to do low FODMAP vegetables and fruits but even those in tiny quantities were still causing me issues like constipation, burping and bloating. Things that are common, but not normal.

So I purchased this device on amazon which is a digestive breath tester (linked here).

When I feel ready, I will come off of carnivore and start testing one FODMAP at a time; sorbitol, inulin, lactose and fructose. All carbohydrates have a type and they fall into one of those 4 categories. The packets will pinpoint which type of carbohydrate my body isn't digesting. I'm really hoping it's not lactose or fructose (milk and fruit) but we shall see! I know that I have the biggest issue with garlic and onion and those fall into the inulin category.

I will of course be sharing the experiment with you guys. What you do is test out each packet one week at a time and with a breath meter, analyze the amount of gases (methane) produced by your intestines. A small amount is normal, but a high amount indicates a sensitivity.

I will be wearing a continuous blood sugar monitor at the same time to monitor what my sugars are doing which should be super interesting! This could finally give me the answer on why some vegetables spike my blood sugar as high as candy which has been super frustrating to deal with. Especially not knowing exactly which ones are doing it!

This is my last step to a symptom free life :)

Have a happy and safe weekend!



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