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How to find your plastic surgeon

After having a botched surgery, I have decided to write a blog to help you find the right plastic surgeon and how to avoid finding one that will try to ruin your life.

Plastic surgery should not be life threatening but if you chose the wrong surgeon, it very well could be.

I have seen 6 plastic surgeons and had surgery with 2. One for my first surgery and the second to FULLY re-do what the first one made worse than what I went in for.

Here are some things looking back I see as huge red flags that you should look for:

1) Positive Google Reviews/Yelp Reviews can be fake. The doctors can also have real negative reviews removed if they pay. Read the negative reviews and see if most of them are saying something similar. There are just negative people out there who write reviews for no reason but then when most of them have the same pattern of what happened to them, it's more than likely true. Also check , and

2) Go to someone that someone who you know used. Or someone who you trust used.

3) MAKE SURE that your Surgery is an a surgery center, not their private office.

4) A great surgeon shouldn't have to give you a 2 hour sales pitch. 

5) Find someone who TRULY makes you feel comfortable, not someone who rushes you in and out.

6) Find out what their revision policy is BEFORE you chose them. Any good surgeon will tell you that they will do a revision for free if you cover your anesthesia fees. A bad surgeon will tell you that you need to pay for a second surgery in full.

7) Check their reviews on and RealSelf. I'm nearly positive that RipOffReport can't delete their reviews. I'm pretty sure the same on RealSelf but I'm not positive. Stay away from Google and Yelp. They're useless and this is your life.

8) Just because a doctor is big on social media DOES NOT MEAN they are a good doctor. 

9) Even with 8, social media is a great way to find doctors patients. Go to the tagged section of the doctors page to find their REAL patients. See how they look, how their recovery was etc. Some offices require you to stay for a minimum amount of days in their facility, some you leave the same day. It's important to decide which will work better for you (kids, work, etc). This will differ with each surgeon.

10) IT IS WORTH IT TO TRAVEL for a good surgeon. There's a possibility that in your area, there really isn't a great surgeon. It's not worth going to a local surgeon and ending up botched so you could stay close to home. Wait if you have to wait on the surgery so you can save extra to go to a top plastic surgeon. 

13) If you do travel, remember there will be your one day post op, your drain removal and usually one more check up afterwards. Keep that in mind for your travel time.

14) The office staff should be FRIENDLY, not rude or unhappy. If they are, this is scary. RUN.

15) The environment of the office should be clean, BRIGHT and welcoming. It shouldn't be quiet and scary. I'm not kidding when I tell you how important this is. Plastic surgeons make a massive amount of money. If there office looks like a dungeon, WALK OUT. Old outdated offices mean old outdated surgeries.

If you have anything to add to this, I would love to hear. Comment below.

Hopefully this helps someone in the future :)



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