How to lose weight without exercising

I always bought into the eat less move more movement, until I read the book called The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung. In the book he talks about how losing weight has virtually nothing to do with exercise but everything to do with nutrition.

I set out on my weight loss journey (for the second time) after having my third baby February 2021. I started in September at 192 pounds. In 5 months I was able to lose 43 pounds without exercising following a low carb diet focusing on nutrition and timed eating only.

Timed eating also known as intermittent fasting is a focus on not eating less, but WHEN you eat. Each time you eat, your insulin comes out to balance your blood sugar. So the point is to decrease the amount of times in a day that insulin comes out to say hello. How can this be done? Well there's a few different ways. The smallest fasting window is 12:12. This is 12 hours of an eating window and 12 hours of no eating/calories. This would look like not eating past 8pm and not eating before 8am. Pretty simple right?

Well after becoming fat adapted (using body fat/dietary fat for fuel instead of sugar/carbohydrates) intermittent fasting comes naturally since you have a virtually never ending fat reserve on your body (the reason we have body fat storage in the first place). Essentially we are using our body fat storage as fuel so you're really not going to get hungry the way you do when your body is running off of carbohydrates.

I started slow and ended up doing a 20:4 fast which is 20 hours fasting, and eating my calories during a 4 hour window. I went from 192 to 174 just following a clean ketogenic diet and then from 174

to 149 doing clean keto with intermittent fasting. I did about 60 days total of one meal a day AKA 20:4 fasting.

I went about this to pro

ve to myself and others that it is not required to exercise to lose weight as confirmed by Dr. Jason Fung.

I will be incorporating exercise as it is important for health but until then I stay active doing daily life activities, house cleaning, etc. I aim to hit 10k steps a day and do almost every day just living.

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