Keeping the house clean and mental health

As a lot of you guys know, I have been running the supplement line (MPB Supps) I started a few months ago out of my house. With this, comes boxes galore and a huge mess! I didn't realize how much space it was all taking up until we recently moved into an office building and it took up a massive production room! This was all in my living room! After it was all out, I started really organizing everything and finding a place for every little thing. After this was done my mood improved significantly.

My Dining Room 2 weeks ago!

I also started this week with the kids getting every single little item they were leaving in the car each time we were getting in and out taking their belongings. Why do our cars get so trashed as parents? I swear my daughter brings 5-10 little tiny items each time we get in the car. Why do they do that?! And then they leave them in the car! Haha. But it's always raining in Florida and we're usually running to get inside or exhausted so the little items get left behind. At the end of the week, theres hundreds of little things and it's just too much. This is how food/lunchboxes end up getting hidden under the seat and we all know the ending to that.

This week I really focused on all those little items getting picked up and put where they belong and it was crazy how much my mood improved. What I noticed is that before bed is when my to do list gets a million miles long. Having the dishes done, all little things put away, etc allows your mind be less clutter-y. The less clutter in your house, the less clutter in your head!

As moms, I know it's impossible to keep this done all the time. I still have so much to do with organizing and getting rid of excess things I don't need but I just wanted to share because how big the difference I felt in my mental health as soon as I did these things. If you're feeling overwhelmed, make a little to do list of the things that are stressing you out. Make it a goal to get one of those things done each day and not all at once. Clean your car, organize your bathroom counter, clean out the fridge, get rid of old clothes/toys. Or even just once a week. Write it down, check it off the list.



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