March Challenge 3/1/22

Join us for our March challenge starting 3/1/2022!

  • Before, post your before photo, weight, measurements and your why in our @CleanKetoFam Facebook Group in the pinned post.

  • Follow the Clean Keto diet (no cheats) from March 1-31. There are 4 PDF options to chose from including Clean Keto for Beginners, Dairy Free Clean Keto, Strict Clean Keto or OMAD Clean Keto - all available on

  • Incorporate 12 hours of Intermittent Fasting each day (example eat during 8am-8pm only)

  • No snacking, allow body to rest from constant digestion

  • April 1, post your after photo, measurements, non scale victories and your journey

2 people will be chosen for a $100 gift card to for supplements/coffee/accessories AND a $100 Target gift card for new clothes, makeup, etc!

*If Target is unavailable in your area, you will be able to select another store option for your $100 gift card ❤️

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