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Updated: Feb 14

Here is my most recent list that you all have requested! Feb 13, 2022:

Straws for my coffee:

Vitamin D

B Vitamins:

Bile Salts


Ketosis monitor:

Liver fat/abdmonial fat supplement:

Curling wand:

Ice Maker

Oura ring/sleep tracker:

Amino acids/protein:

Allulose (keto sweetener):

Almond flour:

Baking powder:

Check out my Amazon storefront here:

Due to a high volume of requesting links through my DM's on IG, I am making this for my Most Commonly Requested Links. If you are wondering where something I have was purchased but isn't listed below, feel free to comment below and I will continue to add more.

Your scale - Amazon (renpho).

Electric kettle - can be purchased at target

Espresso machine - Amazon

Keurig coffee maker - Amazon

Giant bean bag in the living room

So many people ask me for the links to different things that I share on and so much of it and some of my favorite things I got right off! Here are some of my favs from most recently ordered to oldest!

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