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My Bad Experience with Kimchi

I started doing one meal a day (timed eating where you consume your caloric/nutrition requirements within a 4 hour eating window) end of 2021. My results were great, my cravings went away, my energy skyrocketed and I started getting so much done. I was overall a happier person than I had been in a long time.

Recently I moved my eating window to make it a little longer so I would have some eggs in the morning and then in the afternoon I would have my full meal to reach my protein/fat macros.

A couple weeks ago I really wanted to start working on my digestion as I have had digestive issues for at least 8 years and because I had cleared up so many symptoms - this was next on my list. Eczema/Scalp Psoriasis, Acne and Acid Reflux. All linked to digestion.

I started drinking ACV regularly and eating Kimchi to get my daily probiotics.

My breakfast would look like: 3-4 eggs with cheese.

Second meal would be - 2 fatty cuts of hamburger, a whole avocado and kimchi on the side. I did this daily for maybe a week or so.

Then I had some weird new symptom start which was really bizarre. I started feeling drunk. I couldn't get to the bottom of it. I checked my blood sugar, my blood pressure, I was taking all my usual vitamins - it was making me crazy.

I started researching into this and there is something called Auto Brewery Syndrome which is basically where carbohydrates (kimchi in this case) start fermenting in your gut. This took me to looking at FODMAP's which were fermentable fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy etc when it hit the gut.

Have you every felt tipsy but knew you didn't have alcohol? This is probably what was happening.

The high FODMAP foods are: onion, garlic, wheat, fruits, vegetables, legumes, some dairy, and some sweeteners. The only foods that have ZERO FODMAP's are meat and oil.

So what happens is they don't digest properly in your system? They start to ferment. Fermentation occurs when microorganisms like bacteria and yeast covert carbohydrates into alcohol and acid. This system if overwhelmed can cause you to feel drunk.

I was able to reverse the issue in just a couple days by eliminating all high FODMAP foods and having lower FODMAP foods in the right quantities.

I am working on a FODMAP PDF with all of the information that I have gathered so far and all of the quantities of foods that can be eaten while following a low FODMAP and clean ketogenic diet. It can get pretty restrictive but so can life when you are dealing with debilitating symptoms.

It doesn't have to be done forever, just enough time to allow your intestines to heal.

Looking into this situation, it's very possible that I have SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) as I have the majority of the symptoms like digestive distress and have for my entire life but never knew it wasn't normal until recently. I have talked to my dad and he has similar issue and my brother too. Possible that it could be the way we ate growing up, who knows! Lots more research to do but this is where I'm at so far!

I have ordered a device that measures the gases that are released through your breath. This is the test that doctors do to determine SIBO and you can order one on Amazon. The machine is called FoodMarble and here is the Amazon link: I will update as I learn more and what happens when I do my breath tests!



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