My sons health turning point

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

edit 4/17/21:

the official name for this is: Henoch–Schönlein purpura

In April of 2019 on night my son was laying on the sofa and I noticed his legs were completely covered in purple spots. Like, scary purple spots. Not like bruises, not like bug bites, not like an allergic reaction, not like anything I had ever seen.

April 2018

My brother was over at the time and was trying to help me google some symptoms. The only thing we could find was something called Purpura. Took him to the doctor, told him what I thought it was and he looked at me puzzled. He hadn't seen anything like it and was lost. He ordered a blood test to see what he could find. It was my son's first blood test and let me tell you that did NOT go well. We got through it and waited. Got a call back from the doctor a couple days later saying it was confirmed not to be that and they were unsure. Okay cool, now what.

My next step is to take him to a dermatologist. Well, dermatologist says he will need to take a piece of the skin to test it to see what he can find because he ALSO didn't know what it was. Something spoke to me and said no, this is not what needs to be done. He's not going to find the answer there and it's going to cause my son unnecessary pain.

My next step was the health food store. I talked to the lady at the holistic counter and she looked and straight away said "that's an indication that he's having problems with kidney function" go see a nutritionist. I went immediately and scheduled an appointment. We scheduled another blood test and this time it was one of the most tramatic experiences as a mother, he SCREAMED for an hour. Fought every person in that office. We had to take him to the back room and all hold him down (about 7 of us with nurses). Let me tell you, I don't ever want to go through witnessing something so terrible ever again. He was immediately fine when it was over and I went to the bathroom and just cried. What a nightmare!

Fast forward to about a week later and we get a call that the results are in. We go in and she says listen, he is one point away from kidney failure. He's eating too much greasy foods. *cue the bad comments*. Okay so his diet consisted of MOSTLY organic processed foods like Annie's Mac and Cheese, Organic Chicken Nuggets, Organic Hot Dogs, better bads, etc. No soda or artificial colors or anything else. Turns out, better bads didn't matter. Too much salt, too much processed food. He was so picky I felt like there was nothing I could do.

How to fix it? The doctor said just get him off of wheat, dairy and sugar and he will be fine. Give him some vitamin C and some vitamin D and it will all go away. I asked her was that it? She assured me it was. Okay so that simple, no medications or anything else? Nope. I said should we come back to get retested? She said no, I have no doubt if you fix this, it won't come back.

We started the moment we walked out of the office. The spots got better each day. I want to say 2 weeks later it was 100% gone.

Today, it has been around 4 months and he has lost 20 pounds. If he eats even one meal with cheese/bread he gets the spots again. I don't have a simple explanation for what it is but at least I know what causes it and how to keep it away.

It was one of those blessings in disguise things. He took to it really well because he knew if he didn't do what he needed to do that the spots would come back and he may end up back at the doctor again which he never wanted to do.

It's not easy getting your kids on a "diet" but this is his new lifestyle. He really doesn't have a choice anymore. This is the way it is, period. If you really make them understand that, it's a lot easier. If they just think they're doing it because they need to lose weight, it will not be enough. It has to be bigger than that.

A lot of moms have completely transformed their lives from following me/@21daymealplan and I really want US to all focus on our kids too. They've been left out of it but they are just as/more important than us and our diets too. It's something we should all be doing together. A healthier diet/exercise AKA the magic pill. :)

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