Not losing weight on this scale even though I’ve tracked every molecule in my mouth.

Since I committed back to the @21daymealplan, I’ve:

Completely organized the entire kitchen which was causing me so much stress ✔️

Worked out a minimum of 30 mins a day (first thing in the AM)✔️

Drank nearly a gallon of water ✔️

Tracked all my calories to make sure I wasn’t eating too little or too much (I’ve never done this before so it’s been interesting).

There’s something so amazing about following the commitment you made for yourself. It’s incredibly powerful and I feel amazing.

No matter what program you’ve committed to, just keeping true to your word can be life changing.

Not losing weight on this scale even though I’ve tracked every molecule in my mouth. I’ve tried going from 1400 to 1800 calories and in between. Now I’m moving towards 2000 since that’s what the TDEE calculator said to do.

I’ve seen so many nutritionists say things like, there’s no such thing as eating “too little calories, a deficit is a deficit”. From reading so many experiences, eating too little can inhibit weight loss. 😬

Back to the point of all you need to do is cut calories to lose weight, not that simple 😩 There are other things to take into account like hormones and other things.

I’m 100% going to keep going and doing all the right things but it’s really important for me to share this because I know so many other people are struggling with this same thing and being told “it’s so simple, calories in vs out” can make it really hard for people mentally when they know they’re doing all the right things.

I’m going to keep tweaking, keep trying to find that sweet spot. It’s definitely possible that I won’t lose a single pound until I quit breastfeeding because of hormones, but again - this is extremely important to share for all the people who are being told “you’re just not doing it right” even when they know they are.


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