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Pregnancy after tummy tuck

The most common question I got asked upon announcing my pregnancy is what would happen to the tummy tuck I got in 2019?

Here’s the results before baby and after.

My results stayed in tact and my dr checked my abdominals after birth and they stayed together 🙏 My tummy didn’t stretch too big because of this which allowed me to be a lot more comfortable in my pregnancy by not carrying around a huge belly this time around.

It didn’t hurt when my skin stretched. It didn’t feel overly tight and I barely got any new stretch marks.

“You can’t have kids after a tummy tuck” isn’t true. I am proof of that ♥️

@drpatrickbasile was my surgeon and did an incredible job. He’s an amazing human being and I’m so lucky I got him as my surgeon 💕

If you have loose skin after weight loss that isn’t letting you live your life to the fullest, know that having a baby won’t bring all your loose skin back. I have none.


Loosing weight postpartum - okay that was the hard part 😂😂 holy hormones out of control!


If you need help with your postpartum weight loss journey, download the FREE food list on my website.

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