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Protein Coffee

One of my absolute FAV's right now is espresso and a protein drink. I was turned onto this my Felicia K @feliciafitnesshealth who I absolutely adore. She has her little combo of a caramel protein drink and espresso. I was watching her stories and after a certain amount of times of seeing her make it, I was like ya know what, I need this. She orders a double shot of espresso over ice in a venti cup at Starbucks and pours a Premier Protein drink in over and the beauty is everything.

This is my spin off of it.

You can either do Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, really whatever coffee shop it doesn't matter. 2 shots of espresso over ice in a cup that can fit around 24oz. This is a Venti at Starbucks or a Large at Dunkin. I add the Orgain Protein drinks or Tone It Up from Target. They have Chocolate or Vanilla but I prefer the Vanilla in coffee. As far as just drinking the shakes alone, both flavors are great.

As far as making it at home yourself, all you need is an espresso machine. Any one will do but of course the higher quality the machine, the better the espresso is going to taste. I have the Breville Barista Express which I bought a few years ago. That works fantastic. It's very pricey but if you plan on drinking this every day, it's around $3 each time if you go out and buy the espresso shots which adds up to nearly $100 a month. The machine is $565 meaning in just a few months, you would have spent that either way. I've had mine for over a year with no issues. My dad and grandma have had their Breville for at least 5 years. It's worth the investment and the coffee tastes incredible. You can also finance it interest free on Amazon which is what I did. :)

As far as the cheapest way to buy the Orgain, you can get it almost anywhere. I've even found it on sale at Walgreens. Target sells it, Walmart, Costco, etc. Best pricing I've found is Amazon. A case of 12 is around $18.

The Tone It Up is a lot more expensive, around $10 for only 4 small bottles. It just really depends on your preference.

Here's some questions that I've gotten on Instagram about the drink:

Is it strong?

No, it's diluted by the protein drink. Super light and delish!

Does it taste good?

I think it tastes incredible. I LOVE it!

Would you recommend this espresso machine?

The only other espresso machine I've used was from Target for around $30 and it worked but the espresso just doesn't taste quite the same. So, 100% yes.

How many shots of espresso?


Why use Orgain over a different brand? To me, Orgain has the best ingredients by far. It's a clean grass fed NON-GMO protein drink and I'm here for that.

More questions, just comment below and let me know! :)



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