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I wanted to post this as a resource for people who suffer daily with digestive issues like gas, bloating, belching, etc. It's not something people like to ever talk about but these symptoms are common and can be lessened with different methods.

Here are some of the videos that I watched on this topic that have been super helpful! *below

I do want to add that most of the recommendations are to take antibiotics, but some say that taking the antibiotics are what could have caused the issue in the first place so I personally tend to take the other approach which is a handling through diet or intermittent fasting.

Dr Berg's recommendation is to remove vegetables for one month to remove the bacteria from the small intestine and push them into the large intestine. Here's his steps from the below video:

  1. Avoid vegetables

  2. Acidify the stomach with ACV and betaine hydrochloride (this one I may sub with Bile Salts because I wasn't doing too well with ACV).

  3. Intermittent Fasting to allow the body to reset in between meals

I will update with my experiment and what exactly I did when I'm through it!

*this is my personal experience only. Always consult your doctor first before beginning any new program or dietary change.

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