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To “listen to your body” or not.

We’re doing it y’all! Week one done! 😁

Flipping my switch from “listen to your body” to nope girl you got this, keep going.

It’s true though, you’re not always still hungry after you just had a big meal. You’re not always tired when you’ve had 9 hours of sleep. You don’t have to quit your workout because it doesn’t feel like you can keep going.

Sometimes, you have to silence that voice and keep going. Don’t let your body control you. You control IT.

During pregnancy and postpartum I really dove deep into “listen to your body” but that doesn’t always lead you into the right place.

♥️ #saturdayfeelings


Preworkout fuel: @myadventuretofitbegins

Sports Bra is from amazon 📦

Workouts: BeachbodyOnDemand

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