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What I Eat In A Day February 2022

I know this gets asked a lot so I wanted to make a post on it here!

I currently am doing intermittent fasting with clean keto for a few reasons.

I try and stick to a 4 hour eating window right now where I get my nutrient and caloric intake at once during this time. This doesn't mean eat less, this just means the time that you eat is within a window to lessen the amount of times during the day that insulin is sent out to bring blood sugars down.

I am doing as low carb as possible.

Here is what I stick to right now:


Fatty ground beef (75%-80%)



I aim to drink ACV and lemon water a few times a day as well as take Bile Salts from Dr. Berg to help with my digestion.

I take vitamins daily. My list right now is:

Nutritional yeast (for b vitamins)

Vitamin D with K2 drops

Bile salts

Iodine from sea kelp


Cod liver oil capsules

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