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What to do about constipation on Keto/IF


Constipation has been a topic that has been coming up a lot lately in our community.

After spending 7 months battling with chronic constipation and ordering every smooth move product on Amazon, I finally handled mine following clean keto. But here's some things you should know...

Lack of fiber is not the cause of constipation. Adding more could constipate you more because there are different types of fiber.

If your digestive system is compromised and you can't digest a lot of vegetables or fiber, you can get gas, bloating and pain.

If you aren’t used to cruciferous veggies and they are new to you and causing the issues, then you need to move to different veggies like romaine as your salad.

The fat and protein are easier to digest than veggies but you could have too much fat which could plug the gallbladder and cause the constipation.

Things to adjust:

  • The types of vegetables you are eating like broccoli if you aren’t used to it, you won’t have the proper enzymes to digest

  • Too much fat

  • Raw nuts could be the issue too

  • Make sure you are taking your electrolytes. Potassium and magnesium especially.

  • Dairy - if you have gas or bloating, you could have a problem with lactose. It’s lower in cheese, higher in greek yogurt. Sheep cheese is easier to digest.



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