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Why Everyone Should Have A Continuous Glucose Monitor

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Monitoring your blood sugar will end ALL debate about low carb high carb. All debate about sweeteners non caloric and sugar. All artificial ingredients. All “natural flavors”. Low fat, high fat. Vegan/plant based. No body will ever be able to tell you again.

What matters is the way that YOUR body reacts to food. There would be no debate if we realized that every one of us has a different tolerance to different foods and chemicals.

I have my entire family (almost) on continuous blood glucose monitors and here’s what we learned.

For reference, 80-90 is a normal HEALTHY range. 110-125 is where damage occurs to the cells that produce the insulin hormone - this is a MAJOR PROBLEM. Over 125 is diabetes.

I had pre-diabetes a few months ago. My blood sugar would bounce from 50-140. Perfect fasting glucose on my lab work tests btw.

My dad is pre-diabetic and wakes up at 120. The wrong coffee will take him into the 140’s. This is ON KETO so imagine what it was before 😩

My mom started testing it after starting keto and has normal ranges now around the clock. She was low blood before per her symptoms. We didn’t have a monitor for her then.

My husband was pre-diabetic waking up at 112 on keto. Had to switch to IF clean keto to lower it.

My grandma has severe reactive hypoglycemia and her numbers range from 40-120. We normalized them in 4 days doing clean keto and IF.

My sister has reactive hypoglycemia and goes from 67-107 in hours. We just found out today.

My uncle (non blood related) is diabetic. Over 140. He’s committing on the 1st.

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